Welcome to the site!

This site has been specially built as a safe place for you to learn and practice your web scraping skills.

Below are four video’s that provide some background theory to web scraping, and talk through a series of examples specially designed to help you learn how to web scrape.

The side toolbar allows you to access each of the examples and accompanying exercises that will help you to learn and practice your web scraping skills.

You can also find accompanying R web scraping scripts for each of the examples at the open science framework (OSF) https://osf.io/6ymqg/.

Now please start your web scraping journey by watching the videos below to learn more about web scraping:

What you will learn in each of the examples:

Example 1

In example 1 we will focus on downloading a web page, extracting text and images from this webpage and then storing the information. See the video below for all the details:

Example 2

In example 2 we will focus on moving over pages, extracting information from each page and storing that information for subsequent analysis.

Example 3

In example 3 will focus on moving across multiple pages, extracting information as well as links from those pages and then extracting information from those new links.

Example 4

In example 4 we learn how to move across multiple pages by manipulating the URLs of the webpages. This is differs from examples two and three where we moved over web pages by extracting and following links. On each of the page we vist we then extract the title, main text and URL of the picture.